Feb. 23rd, 2010

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I've been meaning to make this post for a while, and day off means yoga, anime and time for blogging :)
I also took photos, but can't seem to manage to upload them.

1. Cherry Tomatoes I grew myself (as seen in my icon picture) My poor tomato plant, when I'm not well enough to look after myself it certainly doesn't get any attention/water/seaweed drink/worm tea. And yet it just battles on, and then there are these amazing tomatoes, all different shapes and the most wonderful deep red. It feels like a real accomplishment, even though I've done very little in this whole business.

2. My cat. He is tabby, has a long tail and makes my life bearable. He very seldom deigns to sit on my lap or lie beside me on the bed, but when I'm very sick and really need it, he curls up beside me and things seem better, even if they really aren't.

3. Brave flowers. Opposite my car-port is a little strip of grass, in this strip of grass some flowers grow wild. The person who does the lawns evidently feels that flowers have no place in nice, neat grass, and mows the little strip of lawn straight over the top of them. And then, just days later, more flowers have managed to spring up. It is so beautiful. And being just opposite my car-port, these flowers cheer me up, just when I need it most, when I'm dragging myself off to work, or when I'm coming home so tired I can hardly stand.

4. Making lace. It has been far too long, but I'm preparing to start a big project, and I'm feeling quite excited. I'll be using all sorts of exciting threads that I've never used before, but the lace is pretty easy to do, so little stress on my tired little brain.

5. Looking like my Mother's Mother. I never knew my mother's mother, since she (and all the rest of my mother's family) had died by the time my mother was 14. We've always been conscious of never seeming quite right to my father's family (not enough sport, too clever, too few hetrosexual partners!) Therefore it was a wonderful moment when I saw a photo of my mother's mother and realised that my figure is exactly hers. So, recently I've been making choices like hair-cut, sunglasses and dresses to accentuate the resemblance. She was an amazing woman, an ear, nose and throat surgeon in the 1950s, when I imagine there would have been few other women in the field. She once set her OWN broken nose! I'm so proud to be her grand-daughter. And to look like her!


gwyn_bywyd: Photo of a yellow orchid. (Default)

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