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In which our heroine faces cockroaches, knitting, fundamentalists, plagues and lentil bolognaise.

Things that are not so great

* I love ecumenism. Srsly. I love that shit. But in this town we have a lot of different flavours of conservative fundamentalism. Some of which only seem to exist here. We are talking special conservative Christians whose raison d'etre is adhering to (their interpretation of) the Old Testament. As far as I can tell this seems to be heavy on the "women should shut right up" and surprisingly light on sacrificing oxen. Pity. Anyhow, at a meeting the other evening, (when I was utterly run down before we started) It became apparent that the Apostle's Creed was NOT SUFFICIENT for these various fundamentalists as a statement of our faith, because it doesn't say anything about how much we ruv the Bible!!!!!!!! *sigh* The statement they wanted to add said things about the Bible being right "in ALL it affirms" and "it is our highest source of authority." Well. Fortunately, we had an alliance of reasonable Christians around the table, and together we manoeuvred a solution. And I wasn't forced to actually SAY "So, all that genocide, rape and slavery in the Bible, we're all cool with that, are we?" I was enormously helped in managing this meeting by the Geek Feminism post about self-confidence. Sitting around a table, knowing what many of these people think about women's ministry, I needed that post!

* Umm, I think my health is getting worse. There is so much I am not doing, and I am only very barely managing to keep my head above water.

* My house seems to be in the midst of a mini-plague of tiny cockroaches. Ewwww.

* One of my dearest friends' father is dying. It is cancer, and they are in the midst of that awful in-and-out-of-hospital that becomes so many people's last days. It is just awful, and of course, we are all so powerless to do anything, except to keep telling them we love them.

Things that are great

I went along to a knitting party yesterday, and re-learnt how to knit! It has been about 20 years since I was asked (as a small child
) to stop knitting squares for charity. They were not square enough! But I've been inspired by all the enthusiastic knitters here on Dreamwidth and by the gorgeous yarns I keep seeing in shops. So now I am making a scarf for my little pseudo-godson, in a very soft yarn in these beautiful soft greyish-blues.

* Then I actually managed to cook dinner! I invented myself a lentil bolognaise! It rocked. If I do say so myself :-)

* I went to a workshop today with a wonderful song-writer whose work I have been using for years. It was amazing, and rather uncanny to be face to face with a voice that has been accompanying my prayers for so long!

* In a month from yesterday, I fly to Europe! I haven't been back since I was 11. I will possibly be too sick to do much of anything, but, hey, I'll be sick in an entirely different continent! Huzzah!



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