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bywyd ([personal profile] gwyn_bywyd) wrote2010-05-27 08:24 am

A brief but exceedingly geeky grizzle

I am really not well. Therefore, I cannot read anything too thinky. At present I am reading an agreeable novel called "The Alchemist's Door". It is not too bad, not too challenging, somewhat interesting. Pretty much precisely what I need. Why, then the grizzle?

The book centres around Doctor John Dee, so is set at the time of Queen Elizabeth I's reign in England. The title page is decorated with a Charles Rennie Mackintosh rose. The font used at the start of chapters is one in an Art Nouveau style. Very beautiful, but roughly three centuries after the period of the book. Grrrr!!! Every time this font is used, I am catapulted out of the world of the story into wondering why NO-ONE involved in the printing of this book said "Ummm, this is wildly anachronistic." I should mention that I am not particularly well-versed in either history or design. And I have noticed this.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest :-)

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