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It truly is my own fault. I shouldn't have read the local monthly advertorial glossy magazine. But I didn't have enough spoons to get out of the house yesterday, (or indeed, dress myself) so I didn't get my usual newspaper (which itself is sometimes made of fail, but with slightly less regularity) and all the books I borrowed from the library I either don't have the spoons for, or are infuriating me.

So I read the local mag. Well, parts of it. Well, about 5 pages. On the plus side, I have been trying to raise my blood-pressure. This should contribute to that nicely.

Highlights include: An advertorial for a Boudoir Photography. Having such a photograph is empowering ladies! Because we dress you only in underclothes, in a setting that is very obviously the bedroom, and then very carefully frame the shots so that none of your horribly deformed and/or fat bits can be seen. Seriously, the article said this in nearly as many words.

An article that by its very existence suggests that being a female nurse, a Christian and riding a motorcycle is so news-worthy that it warrants a whole page story. To her credit, the woman in question did seem sometimes in the interview to be thinking "Um, what is so hard to understand about this?"

Then there was a full-page ad by a local surf shop entitled "Calling out to all guys and girls" I will now quote the first lines of the 4 paragraphs of text:
  • Girls are you having trouble wearing your favourite little black dress in winter?
  • Guys come and check out the new craze in skate decks ...
  • Girls don't forget accessorising is the key ...
  • Guys did you know you can get [brand of sunglasses] for under $40? These are great for outdoor work ..
Basically, nothing a 'girl' does is as important as getting dressed, and the only activities she participates in are shopping, dressing and 'going out'. 'Guys' get to skate and to work. Some people get all the luck.

All in all, the whole experience has made me want to run up the main street of town doing things regarded as 'male', possibly including, but not limited to; earning a wage, being interested in motors, not caring what accessories I'm wearing, and participating in a sport. Oh, and snogging a woman, for good measure. And not in a 'to get guys interested in us/because a guy dared us" way either.

Of course I shall do none of these, (well ... I will earn half a wage) But I shall continue to work in my traditionally male-dominated area, to get around town wearing tops traditionally seen on men, with skirts that I love (my choice) and to make it perfectly clear that I am happy without a man in my life. And that will have to be enough gender-essentialising rebellion for me. *sigh*

Oh, and I'll only read the local mag when my blood-pressure gets dangerously low.

[In other news, turns out I don't yet have an icon for when I'm furious]


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